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#StitchFix Review: Fix #2

Rollin’ right along with blogs this week. Making up for lost time.

Thanks to my workplace, in addition to getting Thanksgiving off, we got Friday off as well! When I found out that my Stitch Fix would likely get here on the same day I was ecstatic! For once, I wouldn’t have to make the hurried drive over to FedEx (or UPS, or USPS) to pick up a package that I couldn’t sign for during the day. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side with this fix.


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#Blogtops Challenge: The fam fam !

In order to catch up with the #blogtops, this post will just be a photo collage, showing my different families of all sorts. Enjoy! 


“BlogTops” are weekly blog posts that myself, my good friend Dave, and hopefully you will join us in discussing topics that we feel the majority of millennials are dealing with or have dealt with in their lives. To keep it creative we pick one specific word for the weekly topic and then we are letting our imagination and creative writing take our blogs in whatever direction we so choose. It could be anything from generalizing the topic, to specific memories, to something serious, or funny. It’s anything goes! If you want to join along tag your posts with BlogTop on Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. and we will be sure to promote your blogs on social media!


#Blogtops Challenge: Dear Fei and Dave

Who knew that Diet Coke vs. Coffee debates would stir up such controversy? My only regret is that I did not spend more time building an excellent case for my favorite heavenly beverage. Kudos to Dave on his far superior blog post.

Since it seems that posts that show diverging options and views on the world tend to be the most enticing to you all, we thought we’d continue the trend this week with some #advice. That’s right, for this week’s #blogtop some lucky advice-seekers get two sets of advice for one! We’re not trying to sell ourselves as experts here, by any means. But, we figure, with two of us, at least one of us is bound to be helpful right? The question is, who’s advice will you take: his or hers?

Let’s see…


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#StitchFix Review: Fix #1

Even though I dedicated an entire blog post to personal style I must confess that I, for the most part, hate shopping. Crowds, tiny fitting rooms,and the humiliation of those full-length mirrors that are always lit with unflattering fluorescent light is enough to make me don my thread-bare, too-big, out-of-style garb and just throw a trusty cardigan or scarf over the whole thing. For my inner fashionista, this situation was simply unacceptable.

Enter Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service. You just go online, answer a few short questions about your style, size, and budget preferences, and they send you a package of 5 items to try for $20. If you hate everything you send it back. If you like stuff you pay for it (the $20 fee applies to the total) and get a 25% discount if you buy all 5 items.

Now before I talk about my experience I just have to get out of the way that trying on clothes comes with a certain amount of trepidation for me. I blame it on the years of magazine-order circus and dance costumes, where even the XL had to be altered to fit me. I can recount several painful experiences where I had to go to “costume fittings” where I had to stand in front of a group of people all starting at my fat bulging out and the seams screaming only to be told I’d have to wear something “different” as if it was all my fault. Consequently, any time I’m trying on something there’s a little voice inside my head, bracing me for the terrible truth, that whispers incessantly: “This isn’t going to fit you.”

So this was my mindset as I opened my first Stitch Fix box in the safety of my boyfriend’s room. I looked at the pieces and could feel my heart beating. I’d only just recently lost enough weight to even be eligible for Stitch Fix size-wise so knew that if these pieces didn’t fit I’d be out of luck; just another ill-fitting costume and another reminder of how big I am.


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#Blogtops Challenge: Diet Coke vs. Coffee–The Ultimate Showdown

This week, our weekly #blogtops challenge is dedicated to the life-blood of many a millennial: caffeine.

Yes, it’s true. From coffee, to tea, to soda, to five hour energy the thing that keeps a lot of us 2 a.m. sleepers and 9 a.m. waking up-ers going is that lovely chemical. The question is, what’s your poison?

So, after two weeks of terrible #blogtops posts I am back with a vengeance to defend the honor of the best drink known to man, DIET COKE. <3 To see Dave’s post about the clearly inferior drink, coffee, check out his blog here.


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