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The 6 Unsung Heroes of the Holidays

Jesus. Santa. Hanukkah Harry.

This time of year I feel like some people get all the spotlight!

Not not to take away from any of our commonly celebrated figures, but there are so many other people that go into making all  holidays great! In the flurry of vacations, gift shopping, cookie baking, and all of our holiday traditions, I feel like sometimes it’s easy to forget about all of our “behind the scenes” folks who work to create all of the magic that people feel this time of year.

So, let’s all take a moment to honor all of our forgotten heroes of the holidays!


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#Blogtops Challenge: Routine

A’ight y’all.

I think you can all sympathize with my plight of last minute work projects before people go into hiding during the holidays. That is why this blog post is over a week late!

This post deals with the ever-exciting topic: routine!

Now this is probably where you’d expect some riveting description of how to get ready in the morning or some uber-helpful organizational tips.

Well, I’ve never been one to do the expected!


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#Blogtops Challenge: Confessions of a Country Music Convert

Do you guys remember those survey forwards that we used to get in middle school and send around to each other? You know? The one’s you’d get on your AOL account that went something like..



Favorite Food:

Favorite Backstreet Boy:

Favorite type of music:

If you were anything like me your answer to the last question probably read something like: ANYTHING BUT COUNTRYYYYY! BLECH PUKE! With exception being that your answer was probably written in Comic Sans. 

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason a grew up with an all-out HATRED toward country music. Even just the first few notes of a banjo or harmonica was enough to send me running for the hills and reaching for the radio knob.


For this week’s #blogtop theme: TUNES, I’m coming out…

I now like country music!


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27 (semi) Life-Shattering Realizations for my 27th Birthday

You guys. I think it’s time I come clean.

I recently had my birthday.

I’m 27.

My thoughts exactly, Kevin McAllister.

For the first time that I can remember, I was legit sad about getting older. I’m not trying to complain, I know i still have many many great years ahead of me. And, no way in heck am I going to give up my #quarterlifer status. However, on that day and in that moment I felt lonely and old and got to thinking about all of the realizations that I’ve had as I’ve gotten older. Some were sad, some were happy, some were dumb. Some probably were just random day-dreams of stuff that has nothing to do with being 27 at all.

So… here they are!


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