#Upandcoming #Quarterlifer

Reclaiming the quarter-life crisis, one hashtag at a time


#Upandcoming #Quarterlifer is a personal blog by me —Elizabeth Fei. In it you will find my various musings on society, art, culture, community and other random issues facing me as a 30(!)-something professional.

“Up-and-coming” refers to something that’s bright, industrious, and likely to succeed. It doesn’t specify where the success is–and you know what? That’s okay!  “Quarterlifer” is a term that I’ve used, meant to turn the concept of a “quarter-life crisis” on its head, claiming it as a position of power and possibility, rather than a place of confusion and being lost. And the hashtags? I mean, hell, who doesn’t love a good hashtag?

Your quarter-life isn’t always a crisis, the best parts are still up-and-coming!

About Me

I’m a quarter-lifer is living in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and recently graduated with an MA in Critical Ethnic Studies. I live with my partner, Curtis and kitty Juju. I’m a  #millennial, artist, administrator, social media maven, researcher, project manager, resume/cover letter critic, OKCupid profile writer, and karaoke singer. All other parts are TBD, so stay tuned!