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#Blogtops Challenge: 5 Things I Think About On My Commute


Are we there yet?

1. How few stations play music in the morning. 

Seriously. Before 10 am it’s just blah blah blah blah. Much to my friend Stephen’s delight, I’m  sure, the only station that plays an acceptable amount of music in the morning is the country station.

2. How I should have eaten breakfast.

My morning routine usually consists of: alarm ring, hit snooze 6 times, feed cat, get dressed, run our the door. By the time I’m 5-10 minutes into my drive, I’m getting kinda hungry and wondering what kind of goodies are left over in the staff fridge.

3. Oh crap. I forgot ________. 

I’ve found that the time I spend on my commute is just enough time to remember I forgot something. One time I was pulling into the parking lot at work when I remembered that I had left my work lap top at home. Ugh.

4. Eff I’m tired.

This is more talking about my commute home. Especially during the winter months when I’ve got my heat blasting, my eyelids start drooping and all I can think about is how much I wish I were at home in my cozy bed. This brings me to my last thought…

5. Commuting sucks

My commute isn’t even long or difficult and it is still the most annoying thing. Like, I can totally understand why people work from home. All of that extra effort to get presentable and you’re just chillin’ out in the car. Totally unproductive and inefficient. Even my boyfriend who takes the bus can take the time to get some extra reading or studying in. All I can do is stare at the road. Hm, maybe country music isn’t so bad afterall—at least I can relate.

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