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#Blogtops Challenge: Diet Coke vs. Coffee–The Ultimate Showdown

This week, our weekly #blogtops challenge is dedicated to the life-blood of many a millennial: caffeine.

Yes, it’s true. From coffee, to tea, to soda, to five hour energy the thing that keeps a lot of us 2 a.m. sleepers and 9 a.m. waking up-ers going is that lovely chemical. The question is, what’s your poison?

So, after two weeks of terrible #blogtops posts I am back with a vengeance to defend the honor of the best drink known to man, DIET COKE. <3 To see Dave’s post about the clearly inferior drink, coffee, check out his blog here.


Diet Coke. I mean, what can I say? Not only do you keep me awake in the mornings, unlike coffee, you’re a perfect compliment to any meal or snack. Also unlike coffee, you’re basically the same no matter where I go. I mean, have you ever tasted the difference between horrid gas station coffee and the  coffee whose beans have been freshly roasted? Why would you want something you can’t count on?


This tastes like crap!!

You’re the first thing I want with my meal and I can’t wait to taste your fake sugar bubbly goodness. I know that it’s an addiction, I know that you’re doing terrible things to my body but gosh darn it you are just so delicious for 0 calories.

My view? There are worse addictions to have. Especially in universities, there’s been a rise in the use of ADD medications as uppers to get studying done. People can turn to any number of drugs and vices in order to keep them sane. If I need a Diet Coke (or 4) to make me not tear my hair out, what’s the crime? Sure, I’m not one of those people with so-called “good” addictions like Cross-fit or kelp smoothies—but I’m pretty sure when most people say they’re addicted to these things they’re just trying to humble brag and make everyone feel bad, anyway.

So here’s to you, Diet Coke…may we have many many years together.

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