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#Blogtops Challenge: Money, Money, Money

Thanks Liza and Joel for that charming introduction to my sorrowfully late #blogtops post on… Money.



Part of me “buys” (hehe) into the romantic notion that you don’t need money to be happy and if you should spend money on the things that you really love so that you can get the experiences that move you. In today’s world it almost feels shallow to keep believing that we should strive for wealth and life’s comforts. That said, in my heart of hearts I am like a little Scrooge McDuck, dreaming about and working toward my little stockpile of gold coins.


Disclaimer: I’m a big believer in SAVING. I have to bite my tongue a little bit when I see people my age, after their student loan payments, rent, phone bill and other essentials just blow their money on something extravagant and unnecessary like a video game or item of clothing, or  a $100+ bar tab. Those things are fun, yes, but they don’t last. That video game will break, you will outgrow that clothing item or it will eventually become threadbare. And those drinks? Well, I don’t have to tell you where those end up.

Despite me having a MUCH more lucrative job than when I worked at a coffee shop, I live more or less the same lifestyle I did when I worked there. I live in the same apartment and drive the same car. I don’t buy cable. A good chunk of the money that’s leftover, I save either in a high-yield savings for emergencies or a retirement account. Why, you ask? ‘Cause 1) nothing sucks more than feeling strapped for cash when a tragic life event occurs and 2) I plan on retiring early enough to enjoy painting ceramic bowls, donate to community theaters, and spend summers in Florida.

In addition, I find that instead of spending on more “things” I save up spend my extra money on experiences that enrich my life: gym membership, theater tickets, and trips to see my friends.

I will readily admit I have been fortunate and fully realize that these things aren’t doable for everyone. Heck, I know what it’s like to have cashed in a retirement account, collected unemployment, and made coffee and in the end be scared to turn your heat on too high for fear of next month’s electric bill. I get it.

The difference is, when I get lucky or when I work hard and it eventually pays off, I don’t lose my head and never forget what it was like. Think about those people who win the lottery or those child stars who make boat loads of money only to lose it all in stupid purchases and uninformed decisions. It’s the same thing with our, much more moderate sums. Did you make tons of tips? Got a holiday bonus? $100 check from Grandma? Even if it’s tempting, don’t go blow it on something. Keep calm, and save on. Then, all of those little extras will be there to help you later on when you decide you really need it or you want to make a well-researched, non-impulse splurge.

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