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#Blogtops Challenge: Routine

A’ight y’all.

I think you can all sympathize with my plight of last minute work projects before people go into hiding during the holidays. That is why this blog post is over a week late!

This post deals with the ever-exciting topic: routine!

Now this is probably where you’d expect some riveting description of how to get ready in the morning or some uber-helpful organizational tips.

Well, I’ve never been one to do the expected!



Ok. This is my all-time-fav So You Think You Can Dance routine. It’s the last cast that had its performances on the “old” stage and I just think everything (lighting, dancing…) is far superior to anything I’ve seen since. AND THE PART WHERE SHE TAKES HIS JACKET OMIGAHHHHH.


There’s a bit of a back story behind this one. This is from the Cirque du Soleil show Varekai, which was a bit unique in that the making of the production was documented in a TV show, Fire Within on Bravo. Ironically, thought I was in the circus at the time, I never got to watch the show because I was always at rehearsal. But I digress.

During the time this routine came out, I was also performing triple trapeze with Circus Juventas. Up until that time, triple trapeze was considered a relatively “easy” act. And, to a certain extent, the moves are a bit less complicated than other aerial acts. However, I remember seeing this routine with my team and feeling just so inspired that such artistry and athleticism could be achieved on such a simple apparatus. This in turn, pushed us to grow in our own act:

Oh hayy. It’s me circa 2004. 

I’ve seen several triple trapeze routines since that time, that have grown in their complexity and feel really proud to have helped push that envelope. This routine is a really big part of that.


I know I said the aforementioned season of SYTYCD was the best, but I DID watch this one as long as this guy was on it. I LOVE this routine. Alex Wong <3 <3 <3 Twitch <3.


I think we can all agree that Beyonce is fierce. Congrats on your surprise album release, B! But, this guy gives her a run for her money! I love this because looking at it I can totally picture him at his lap top playing this video over and over, perfecting each little move. I also enjoy how “Asian” this kid is. Look at all those plants in his house!


This video I discovered when I was in college and I’ve been a fan of Kate Jablonski’s work ever since. I like how she choreographs to the words but not so much so that we get the “choir-ography” that you had to perform in 7th grade. Every thing is so articulated, polished, and yet unique. My favorite part is when the song goes: “I wish that without me your heart would break.” Best.


Another college find. During this time I was lamenting my college/major choice and wishing that I had done something more artsy. The U of Mich 2007 MT program vids helped to deepen my wanderlust. This is one of my favorites. And, I love this song!


Do I even need words for this?


I actually performed a version of Butterfly Lovers when I was in Chinese dance back in the day. Ours was nothing compared to this! I mean, when she does a perfect arabesque on pointe on his SHOULDER? AND THEN HIS HEAD!? AND THEN 5:00 COMES !!!!!! COME ON!



But seriously, I love this dance. One part because I performed a version of it long long ago. Still have the outfit laying around somewhere for your last minute Mulan costume. But, I also like this version because oftentimes the Chinese get a lot of flack for not putting enough emotion into their routines (ice skating, dance, or what have you) and instead focus more on the technical and the big tricks. I think this woman shows a really good balance between the two. You can’t watch 4:30 – end and tell me this lady is not emoting.


I fell in love with Spring Awakening in college. For some reason, during those late nights of studying, the melancholy, angsty lyrics and songs just spoke to me. I’m not sure if you can qualify this video or song as a “routine” since this particular performance was anything but. It’s not even my favorite song. It’s a video of the last performance of Lea Michele (of Glee fame) and Jonathan Groff — the originators of two main parts in the play. You can just hear how the crowd adores them. I love when the guy bows to Groff as he comes on stage. The harmony at 2:47 also never fails to bring a tear to my eye. If you want to hear the full song, without the screaming crowd, try this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxT86GOK-h8.


Say what you want about Robin Thicke and his misogynist tendencies. Yes, his Blurred Lines video is pretty vulgar and disgraceful in its original form. This is seriously cute, though. And, look how much fun Jimmy Fallon is having!


With all the crazy pyrotechnics and Miley-Cyrus-Teddy-Bear-Leotard artists out there, it’s nice that someone can create an entertaining routine using little more than a light show and a nicely choreographed dance routine.

Honorable Mentions (mostly cause I can’t bring myself to have so much SYTYCD representation on the 12):

What are some of your favorite “routines” ?

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