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#Blogtops Challenge: Technology – When do we stop caring?

After a brief holiday hiatus, #blogtops are back!

This week Dave and I thought we’d give our take on something that is oh, so prevalent in our lives: technology.


Growing up my experience with technology was varied. On one hand, my parents were always on the front end of the computer-thing. I remember sitting in front of my parents’ green-screen Apple 2E at age 3, playing games and then complaining to my mother that the computer “didn’t have enough buttons.” My father makes his living as a consultant on computers so my life has always been somewhat on the forefront of technology in that respect.

On the other hand, my parents are about 5 years behind and other major technological advancement. They didn’t own a CD player until the mid 90’s, didn’t get a DVD player until I was in High School. My dad still listens to records–though now he’s branched out to watching YouTube and downloading torrents. And cell phones? Well, they’re both still using the pre-paid flip phones–which they will never turn on so as not to waste minutes.

Sometimes when I look at older generations and their lack of acceptance of certain technologies and wonder “When will I be like them?” When will come the point where I become too lazy, too old, or too apathetic to learn about new things. I think that as a quarter-lifer I’ve already started to see the glimmers of it. I don’t own a Blu-Ray or an iPad, I don’t use Vine, and more and more I find myself looking at things on the internet and saying: “I have no idea what I just saw.”

I wonder if, as a member of a generation whose grown up with such cell-phones attached to our ears, swyping fingers, and high access to information and technology, the day will ever truly come where where we choose to ignore any newfangled gadgets that are the latest and greatest. Sure, I have no idea why certain things exist and may opt to not use them, but at least I know when they are at the forefront and a general idea of what their function is. I’m pretty sure if I asked my parents if they knew what Snap Chat was they’d probably think it was some kind of snack.

Or, is there a “critical mass” of the amount of technology that we are allowed to learn in one lifetime? Is there certain age you reach when your brain says enough? Does this point change depending on what generation you belong to? Are all of us doomed to be ultimately forever viewed by younger generations as old chrones in the office who are can’t learn new systems? Or, does being a #millennial somehow make us immune?


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