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#Blogtops Challenge: Things That Make You Feel Like You Are (or are pretending to be) a Grown-up

After a(nother) long hiatus, #blogtops are back! This week’s topic? Grown-up!


Clipping coupons.

When I was young I was dumb. If I said I was going to a restaurant my mom would hand me a stack of coupons which I would promptly shove in my pocket and forget about.

Calling to complain

No I’m not talking about whining, which is fun at any age! I’m talking about picking up the phone and calling someone to complain about a service you received or a problem with something. Nothing makes me dredge up fancy words and put on my “grown-up” pants like calling to inquire about why I wasn’t covered under my insurance or why I was charged a late fee on my credit card when I paid on time.

Saying “I recommend that…” or “My recommendation is that…”

What’s that? I have expertise in something? Enough expertise that people want to know what I want to do? Yeah, that’s me.


Making an appointment.

Whether it’s a haircut or a medical exam there’s just something about setting up times to  do the stuff that you need to do that makes you say: “Damn. I actually have shit to do?” Moreover, actually having having the self – awareness to know when you need to make these appointments, to me, marks that you’ve truly arrived at (semi) adulthood.

Getting boring stuff and being excited about it.

New sponges! Socks! Energy-efficient light bulbs! Vacuums! I’m excited by these things which therefore makes me an adult.

Making a big purchase/paying bills. 

It doesn’t even matter what it is. Hell, it could be a year’s supply of sugar-free gummy bears (by the way, don’t) There is just something about parting with a big sum of cash on your own terms that makes you feel like you’re an adult.

Going to a dinner party.

You’re dressed to the nines and you’ve got your best casserole/hotdish/tuna noodle to share. You’ve got glasses of wine and are discussing jobs and families. Yup. This is adulty. As. Ever.

Being annoyed when school’s cancelled. 

This year, Minneapolis and St. Paul schools have been closed more than they’ve been as long as I can remember If you’re my bee eff you get pissed off because you’re paying good money to attend school that you’re now missing out on. If you’re a parent, you’re annoyed at what to do with children who can’t go to school. If you’re me, you’re just plain jealous. It just isn’t fair!

Being unable to sleep in. 

Doesn’t matter how late you stayed up the night before or how little you have to do the next day. You are physically incapable of keeping your eyes closed past a certain time.

I want to marry my bed

Doesn’t stop you from chillin’ out in bed, though. 

Thinking about and planning retirement

There will come a time in the future when you no longer have to work (!) and now you have to plan it out. Congrats, you’re and adult.

Appreciating your parents. 

Growing up you can’t wait to get rid of them. But now? They’re the sage older figures who have all the advice on mortgages, insurance, and life in general.

Witnessing major life events.

I recently spent a day with my best friend and her new baby: a tiny, beautiful baby girl. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so young and so old at the same time.

Drinking a glass of wine. 

Uncorking a bottle, pouring a glass, swirling it around all fancy-like. Bonus points if you have brie. Half points for a standard brick of cheddar.


Aches and Pains

No longer can you just throw on your tennis shoes, open the door, and hit the pavement. Now you need at least a 10-15 minute warmup or you wind up hunched over in pain.

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What are some things that make you feel like you are, or are pretending to be, a grown-up?