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10 Cardinal Karaoke Sins

Does anything beat the feeling of screeching out your favorite nostalgic hit and becoming your own rock star?

Ok…well , besides cheese.

I’ve loved to sing for a long time. Along with choirs and musicals in school, as an adult I’ve always enjoyed karaoke. When I lived in China in 2007, I discovered KTV–the delightful private room karaoke where you can drink, eat snacks and sing until 4 in the morning. In the states, I’ve more commonly heard it referred to as Noraebang and it is sort of my go-to fun thing to do whenever I get together with a big group of friends.  Now that I’ve had the exclusive treatment it is so so hard to go back to “plebian” karaoke. However, every once in a while, if the occasion calls for it, I’ll brave the crowds and have throw down some tunes in public.

With my experiences with these different types of karaoke, I’ve encountered all sorts of things. And, the more experiences I have with it, whether they be public or in private, there are definitely a few cringe-worthy actions that will always send me (and any other karaoke veteran) reeling.



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#Quarterlifer How-Tos: How to Plan a (huge) group trip! (And not want to kill everyone involved)

Why hello there, friends! I feel like I sound like a broken record every time I post here, but I bear the same message: it’s been a while. Gosh, what have I been up to since last we talked? I moved, the bee eff moved in, had to soothe the poor traumatized no-longer-man-of-the-house kitty, weekend-long workshops to plan, leadership seminars to attend… Whew! And oh! The topic at hand: …HAD THE MOST EPIC GROUP TRIP EVAR!!

A little back story if you don’t know: I’ve got this pretty excellent group of friends.  Because we’re spread out across the country (ok, and Canada) it’s pretty rare (though maybe not as rare as it should be given the state of some of our finances) that we can get huge groups of us together. And, even when we do, it’s usually crashing on floors, sleeping 3 to a bed, only to be traipsing off to our respective homes a short few days later. So, for the last couple years, we’ve made a point to take time off around Memorial Day to get together and split a beach house with gorgeous views, random games, drinks a plenty and y’know, actual beds for most people. This year, I decided to take the role on planning the shebang.

Now, mind you, despite the fact that I love my friends and that most are PRETTY easy to reach online and via all forms of social media– planning a 5-day, 4-night trip to a location that none of us are from or have been to is no small order. And, as anyone who’s lived with friends can attest to, trying to balance the wants and needs of many different friends can be hard. I definitely learned a TON through the experience and just wanted to share some of the tips for planning a huge group trip — and not want to kill everyone involved.


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#Blogtops Challenge: Dear Fei and Dave

Who knew that Diet Coke vs. Coffee debates would stir up such controversy? My only regret is that I did not spend more time building an excellent case for my favorite heavenly beverage. Kudos to Dave on his far superior blog post.

Since it seems that posts that show diverging options and views on the world tend to be the most enticing to you all, we thought we’d continue the trend this week with some #advice. That’s right, for this week’s #blogtop some lucky advice-seekers get two sets of advice for one! We’re not trying to sell ourselves as experts here, by any means. But, we figure, with two of us, at least one of us is bound to be helpful right? The question is, who’s advice will you take: his or hers?

Let’s see…


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#Blogtops Challenge: 10 Things Never to Say/Do to Someone Who’s Trying to Lose Weight

Continuing along with our #blogtops challenge is this week’s theme: HEALTH.

Now, I’m under no illusion that weight loss=health. I’m not even going to try and kid you and say that the reason’s I’ve worked so hard (usually) on weight loss are entirely health related. Having grown up doing performance arts (circus, dance…) that required my body to be put on display in spandex costumes has made me hyper-aware of how I look at all times and so that is always a prime motivator for me. Still, because we are still a society that equates a certain “look” to health, I figured this was as good a place as any to talk about the things people say and do that really grind my gears when I’m trying to lose weight.


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#BlogTops Challenge: 5 Ways to Inject School into Your “Grown-Up” Life

If you follow my Twitter at all you may have heard about my friend djohns03 ‘s  and my 20 One-Word #BlogTops for 20-Somethings. We’re on Week 1 of out 20-week blogging challenge and our first topic is….SCHOOL! (For my friend’s thought on the subject, visit his blog at: http://djohns03.wordpress.com/)

As we find ourselves at the end of September, most Kindergartners and College students alike find themselves beginning to settle into their back-to-school routines. That exciting back-to-school feeling that comes from new markers, clean, fresh paper, and new clothes has begun to fade for most part as stress from tests, quizzes, and homework settle in its place. The promises of Thanksgiving break or the even earlier, MEA Weekend for all you Minnesotans, dangle like a hanging carrot— urging us forward.

Like it or lump it, the nice thing about being in school is that it puts natural breaks in your routine. There’s always something to look forward to, like a  holiday, or something to dread like turning in a project that’s been plaguing you. As an #upandcoming #quarterlifer who finds myself in one of those pesky real life type jobs, it’s hard to find that same punctuation in my own life. Something I’ve been trying to do recently is inject “school-like” experiences into my life to help spice it up a bit and break the routine of going to my 9 to 5 everyday.

Here’s my tips for you to do the same! 


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#FirstInterview and #FirstDayofWork Survival Kits

So if you’re just tuning in, a little bit about me!

When I graduated from college in 2009, I was lucky enough to find a challenging and eye-opening position teaching at a children’s theater camp. Shortly after that, I was lucky enough to find a job related to major— a total accomplishment for someone majoring in the arts/humanities (though apparently not anymore).

After budget cuts eliminated my position with the school I began the long and arduous process of job searching, finding, temping, and searching again. As I referenced in my last post, I did all sorts of odd jobs and had more interviews than I’d like to admit before I was finally fortunate enough to find a non-profit programming position.

As you can imagine, I had a lot of #firsts: first interviews, first phone calls, first days on the job—so I learned a lot about how to be able to be ready at the drop of a hat for any of ‘em. Here are just a couple of survival kits and quick tips that I’ve found are absolute MUSTS for these #firsts.


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