#Upandcoming #Quarterlifer

Reclaiming the quarter-life crisis, one hashtag at a time

Hire Me!

I’m pretty darn cool and talented, too! Maybe you need an #upandcomingquarterlifer to spice up your work place!

I’ve been working in and with non-profits and community organizations since 2009. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about working with and within human systems. My specialities include design, planning, and execution of complex, evolving community-based projects, program evaluation design and data analysis, research and writing, and social media– but really? I’ve done it all!

I also fancy myself a scholar. My expertise deals with Critical Race Theory, Performance Studies, Decolonization, but I’d love reading about what interests you!

Here’s just a short list of what I can do:

Design projects – Evaluate – Make you laugh – Build timelines – Format things beautifully – Organize stellar events – Engage communities – Color Code – Learn new things fast and teach them – Research – Juggle multiple tasks – Sing karaoke – Utilize technology – Edit papers – Write things (like blogs, press releases, resumes/cover letters, and even online dating profiles) – Dance – Look for opportunities – Strive toward efficiency – Talk it out – Offer constructive criticism – Plan – Drink Diet Coke – Listen intently – Find things – Use social networks – Think of creative solutions

Sound good? Let’s Talk!