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Welcome Back!


Well, hi there friend!

For some of you, it’s been a while! I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much. But, if you made it this far you already know that this new home for my thoughts and musings has been in the works for a while now and I am so unbelievably proud and excited to have my own domain just like a real grown-up type person.

If you’re just joining me…what the heck took you so long?

The past few weeks I’ve been working with an amazing designer on moving to a shiny, new and self-hosted version of #Upandcoming #Quarterlifer so thanks for all of your patience.

What does this mean for me?

Do people still use bookmarks? I’m inclined to think not. But, if for whatever reason you do, change the one for this blog to upandcomingquarterlifer.com. That’s right, I’m a big girl now so I have my own domain!

If you currently read my blog via email-only subscriptions — you’re good! The subscriptions will move over with the blog!

If you currently read my blog via Tumblr or my website — also peachy keen! I’ve re-linked everything so you should be able view my posts as normal.

If you currently read my blog via WordPress.com — might need to do some leg work. Posts will continue to show up in the reader, but you will no longer get email notifications of new posts. To get email notifications, go to my new blog at upandcomingquarterlifer.com and sign up using ‘Subscriptions’ on the right hand side.

What does this mean for #Upandcoming #Quarterlifer?

Same sassy content. New location.

…Also maybe now I can make money with this thing? What what!

Ive got a couple of blogs in the pipeline (some old, typed-drafts and some ideas floating in the noggin) so you can expect LOTS of writing from me within the next few weeks. As a little teaser, the photo shows just a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately!

Banana Bread (do dooo dodo do)

*Sung to the tune of *

Something that I haven’t done yet is recipes and I recently embarked on a baking adventure that I thought I would share with you all.

Let’s first begin by saying that although I think I’m a somewhat half-decent cook but baking has never been something that I do with any regularity. A couple weeks ago though, the bee-eff and I, in our desires to warm ourselves up physically and spiritually (and get rid of my bunch of rotting bananas), decided it would be fun to make some banana bread. Bee-eff’s mother has a recipe (with modifications) that he likes so we started from there.

banana blog

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The Fag Hag Speaks

Today’s blog post was inspired by this article that’s been floating around my Facebook circles for the last few days: The Myth of the Fag Hag and Dirty Secrets of the Gay Male Subculture written by Rohin Guha. The article touches on a number of issues, but if I were to paraphrase (which, for the record, I try to avoid doing for the most part because it shortchanges people’s stories and experiences) I would say that it acknowledges the existence of a gay-male privilege and dominance which serves to dehumanize and objectify women. The article goes along to encourage gay men to break down their their adopted personas which have thus far served to perpetuate these views and treatment of women.This article really hit home for me, but maybe not in the way that you might expect.


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All About Me: Keeping it Real in Minnesota

I know. I know.

You guys know how it is. One thing leads to another and, all of a sudden, it’s been a month since your last post.

I’ve been busy. Aside from the daily (and not so daily) grind of working at the Minnesota Humanities Center, I’ve been hanging out with my friends from Theoroi, trying to keep warm with these historically low temperatures, planning a group (20-person) trip to Clearwater Beach, FL, and putting out feelers in anticipation for some changes here at #Upandcoming #Quarterlifer.  Keep checking back and you’ll see…

I’ve got a couple more substantial blogs in the pipeline,  but in the meantime, here’s me keeping it real in the Minnesota winter. Excuse my french at the end. Mornings like this tend to get you riled up.


All About Me: Gravity – Sara Bareilles Cover

‘All About Me’ will be a new weekly (or semi-weekly, monthly, or whenever-the-heck-I-want-ly) segment on #Upandcoming #Quarterlifer where I emerge from the depths of the blog-o-sphere and come to you live! Well, as live as anything on the internet can be. I might do a vlog, a funny dance, tell a joke, do a drunk-kitchen segment or anything my (or your?) little heart desires.

This week, I have a song for you all!

This little number has been a go-to shower-singing classic for me for a while now…


Got something you wanna see or hear me do? I’ll take requests, within reason of course! Leave me a comment!

#StitchFix Review: Fix #3

If you’re just tuning in, you may not know that a few months ago I started subscribing to Stitch Fix , an online personal styling service for women. The gist is, tell them about your style, size, budget preferences, and needs and they send you a box of five items that have been “personally selected” for you. You can either schedule shipments (or “fixes”) one-by-one or sign up for monthly ones to keep your style fresh.

Over the holidays, I received my third fix (you can see my past reviews here, and here). I won’t beat around the bush–this time around, I wasn’t that impressed.


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The 6 Unsung Heroes of the Holidays

Jesus. Santa. Hanukkah Harry.

This time of year I feel like some people get all the spotlight!

Not not to take away from any of our commonly celebrated figures, but there are so many other people that go into making all  holidays great! In the flurry of vacations, gift shopping, cookie baking, and all of our holiday traditions, I feel like sometimes it’s easy to forget about all of our “behind the scenes” folks who work to create all of the magic that people feel this time of year.

So, let’s all take a moment to honor all of our forgotten heroes of the holidays!


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#Blogtops Challenge: Routine

A’ight y’all.

I think you can all sympathize with my plight of last minute work projects before people go into hiding during the holidays. That is why this blog post is over a week late!

This post deals with the ever-exciting topic: routine!

Now this is probably where you’d expect some riveting description of how to get ready in the morning or some uber-helpful organizational tips.

Well, I’ve never been one to do the expected!


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