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#StitchFix Review: Fix #3

If you’re just tuning in, you may not know that a few months ago I started subscribing to Stitch Fix , an online personal styling service for women. The gist is, tell them about your style, size, budget preferences, and needs and they send you a box of five items that have been “personally selected” for you. You can either schedule shipments (or “fixes”) one-by-one or sign up for monthly ones to keep your style fresh.

Over the holidays, I received my third fix (you can see my past reviews here, and here). I won’t beat around the bush–this time around, I wasn’t that impressed.


For this fix, I had requested office to casual wear, a bold accessory, and a dress. I had also asked my Stitch Fix stylist to take a look at my Pinterest board for some good ideas.

So here’s an insider Stitch Fix tip, if you’re the type who’s super nosy and loves TV/Movie/Book spoilers (I can’t be the only one right?). Once Stitch Fix sends me the email that my fix has shipped, I immediately sign on to my account and pull up the check-out form that has the names of all the items that I will be getting. I then Google everything to see if I can get a good idea of what I’ll receive. I know it probably defeats the purpose of the SURPRISE but…whatever.

The first item I pulled out was the thing I was most excited about…

Silver bib-type bubble necklace thing. 

Yes. Love. Everything. About. This.

I mean, it sort of helps that I pinned approximately umpteen million necklaces like this on Pinterest. The only thing that could have made it a bit better in my mind is a color, but this is great in that it’ll go with a ton of stuff.

Verdict: Kept!

Unfortunately, my love for this fix’s items stopped there.

I pulled out the item that I knew FOR SURE that I would NOT like and was actually kind of insulted that I received in the first place

Unfortunately, I lost the sheet of paper with all the names and prices and since I already checked out I can’t get it back. So, this fix I’ll be making up my own names. This piece I like to call, Stupid Quilted Vest With Major Boob Smashing and Poorly-Placed Pockets. 

The moment I saw the word ‘vest’ on my sheet I had immediate flashbacks to the Old Navy tech vests of junior high. I put it on for laughs and the thing was so matronly and  absolutely terrible on me…smashing my chest down so I looked like a boy. Seriously who the heck wears vests anymore? What’s the point? Since when do people’s arms get warm when their torso is cold. No. Just no.

On the bright side, it doesn’t look on the bf either.

Check out his Greaser-esque snarl. 

Verdict: Sent back…obviously.

This next item looked super great in the box, and I was actually anticipating buying it…

…until I put it on.

Sparkly black infinity noose  scarf. 

So like I said, I LOVED this when I saw it folded up in the box. Sparkle <3. Warmth <3. But then, once I looped it, I found it was much too wide and the yarn was much too thick, so much so that the thing was choking me! Nothing more depressing then when you can’t even fit into a scarf.

Not looping it looked even stupider, as you can kind of tell with the pic on the hanger–a bit like some collar ripped off of Elton John’s latest blazer. 

Verdict: Sent back. 

Super sheer nightgown top. 

After Googling this little number, I knew I probably wouldn’t like it and was right. I’m not a fan of sheer clothing (except lace). It always feels like I’m naked underneath and it always reminds me of something being cheaply made. I also don’t love when there are pockets on my chest.

This top was too long all-around, going past my butt and the sleeves went over my fingertips. I also found the colors a bit bland for me and the fabric completely was inappropriate for Minnesota.

Verdict: Sent back. 

Finally, I went for the thing that was really, really hopeful about, but just didn’t end up working.

Fit and flare red dress that makes me look like Polly Pocket. 

Omigahd y’all I wanted this to work so bad. Like the necklace, I’ve pinned tons of fit and flare dresses on my Pinterest and have visions of myself pairing one with opaque black tights, boots, scarves and cardis in the office.

It just didn’t fit. I got it on but couldn’t even remotely zip it up in the back. Plus, even without zipping it up, somehow the cut of the dress made my chest look enormously large–and not in a good way. You can see me trying to minimize it in the picture.

Verdict: Begrudgingly sent back. 

So, all in all, this fix was an even bigger bust (no pun intended) than the last. In addition to the fit issues with several of the items, everything but the necklace was the same brand, and I received two accessories, which just seems a little against the point of the service. I’m willing to give Stitch Fix one more chance or two, since I liked a good amount of items from my first fix and absolutely ADORE the concept. We’ll just have to see what happens next  month.

Interested in Stitch Fix? I get money if I refer you! Check them out here!