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The Myth of Perfectionism

*looks around bashfully*

In my long absence from blogging I’ve been doing soul-searching. Doing a lot of thinking. A lot of day dreaming. And a lot of deep-dives into myself with the help of a therapist.

Something that has come through all of this, something about myself that I’ve never realized before, never had a name for is something my therapist calls paralyzing perfectionism.

When she first told me that I just had to laugh. Looking at my grades in school, my weight, the state of my room I would have never classified myself as any sort of perfectionist. Me? A perfectionist? No way. Shouldn’t perfectionists be…well, perfect?

Or at the very least approaching perfection y’know? Like one of those asymptotes that you look at in Calculus class. The kind that  you know INTELLECTUALLY never actually touch the X-Axis but gosh darnit it get’s so close, even your Calculus teacher tells you to just just solve for X=0.


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