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#Quarterlifer How-Tos: How to Plan a (huge) group trip! (And not want to kill everyone involved)

Why hello there, friends! I feel like I sound like a broken record every time I post here, but I bear the same message: it’s been a while. Gosh, what have I been up to since last we talked? I moved, the bee eff moved in, had to soothe the poor traumatized no-longer-man-of-the-house kitty, weekend-long workshops to plan, leadership seminars to attend… Whew! And oh! The topic at hand: …HAD THE MOST EPIC GROUP TRIP EVAR!!

A little back story if you don’t know: I’ve got this pretty excellent group of friends.  Because we’re spread out across the country (ok, and Canada) it’s pretty rare (though maybe not as rare as it should be given the state of some of our finances) that we can get huge groups of us together. And, even when we do, it’s usually crashing on floors, sleeping 3 to a bed, only to be traipsing off to our respective homes a short few days later. So, for the last couple years, we’ve made a point to take time off around Memorial Day to get together and split a beach house with gorgeous views, random games, drinks a plenty and y’know, actual beds for most people. This year, I decided to take the role on planning the shebang.

Now, mind you, despite the fact that I love my friends and that most are PRETTY easy to reach online and via all forms of social media– planning a 5-day, 4-night trip to a location that none of us are from or have been to is no small order. And, as anyone who’s lived with friends can attest to, trying to balance the wants and needs of many different friends can be hard. I definitely learned a TON through the experience and just wanted to share some of the tips for planning a huge group trip — and not want to kill everyone involved.


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